Dr. Chris Johnstone

Deepening & Broadening: Coaching for Active Hope

Session summary: At a time of widespread alarm about the state of the world, could our coaching conversations have an impact on future generations in ways we might hope for? Active Hope is different from being hopeful. It is both something we do and something that happens through us. This session explores how coaching conversations can play a pivotal role in activating this type of hope and sustaining it as an energy of engagement that happens through us, through our choices and actions, particularly in response to concerns about the world. We will look also at obstacles to active hope, exploring insights and practices that help build our capacity to make a difference, through this deepening and broadening our impact.

Bio: Dr Chris Johnstone is a coach and trainer for resilience and wellbeing known internationally for his work on the psychology of cultivating positive impact in the world. His book Active Hope, co-authored with Joanna Macy, has been translated into 18 languages, and his online courses for resilience and active hope reach people from more than sixty countries. He lives in the north of Scotland and has websites at a https://collegeofwellbeing.com and https://www.activehope.info