Eve Turner

WORKSHOP 3 (14.00-14.50): Systemic Leadership: humanity’s agenda

Eve Turner & Alison Whybrow

We invite you to explore with us collectively and collaboratively the genuine breadth of the role coaching could play in the transformation of our human earth relationship.

Holding to the Great Law of the Iroquois that “in every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation”, and applying this to all living beings, we will consider what is the mindful consciousness we need that will enable us to be the transition walkers our clients need.

Holding our learning edge lightly and retaining our playfulness, we will work together in breakout rooms and plenary. We will explore how we might transform ourselves, how we can influence the ‘field’, and how we can bring this awareness into our daily practice as coaches, coaching psychologists, mentors, supervisors and leaders.

Eve is an award-winning coach, supervisor and writer, contributes to industry research and is actively engaged in pro bono work. Chair of professional body, APECS (The Association for Professional Coaching and Supervision), she also volunteers for other professional bodies. Eve co-founded the Climate Coaching Alliance with Alison and Dr Josie McLean and founded and leads the Global Supervisors’ Network. Her writing includes several chapters and articles, and two co-authored publications: Turner, E. and Palmer, S. (2019) ‘The Heart of Coaching Supervision – Working with Reflection and Self-Care’ and Hawkins, P. and Turner, E. (2020) ‘Systemic Coaching – delivering value beyond the individual’ which considers Earth as a stakeholder.