We thank company and professional body sponsors for supporting our Coaching at Work conference. Our thanks to the National Wellbeing Service Ltd for providing their virtual events system.

The Association for Coaching (AC) established in 2002, is a leading independent and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to excellence, mastery and ethics in coaching, worldwide. Our vibrant, diverse community is made up of professional coaches, leader coaches, mentors, training providers, educators, coach supervisors and organisations building coaching cultures. Our vision is to advance the science and practice of coaching and promote a coach approach to leadership so that coaching ‘ripples’ out in business and society as a key enabler for performance, responsibility and fulfilment.
Advancing coaching in business and society, worldwide

The AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching) transforms individuals, teams and organisations globally through world-class, accredited executive and team coach training and coaching-based solutions for organisations. AoEC believes coaching skills are a new currency for the 21st century workplace and are increasingly crucial in unlocking potential, supporting wellbeing and making businesses more viable and sustainable. Accredited by the sector’s top professional bodies, the AoEC has trained over 14,000 coaches and offers its services worldwide.

Centre for Coaching, for Leadership & Management Training
New to coaching or you have some experience as a coach and wish to attend a British Psychological Society Approved Coaching programme? The Centre for Coaching 5-day intensive IAFPD Certificate in Coaching programme is one solution. It introduces students to the GROW model and also evidence based Cognitive-Behavioural approach to coaching developed by the Centre’s Directors and trainers. The Centre is celebrating its 20 year anniversary.

Our AC Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching is a pathway towards accreditation.

10th International Congress of Coaching Psychology, 2020
The ISCP is an international professional membership body established to further the discipline and profession of coaching psychology. With the growing interest in coaching psychology around the world, the Society encourages the development of the theory, research and practice in coaching psychology and support coaching psychologists in their work.

The International Academy for Professional Development Ltd and affiliated Centres are leading training providers of stress management, health and wellbeing, cognitive behaviour therapy, coaching, psychological coaching and coaching psychology courses.

The National Wellbeing Service Ltd (NWS) has been set up by a group of psychologists and health educators who want to provide up-to-date wellbeing-related information, guidance and research to the public and health professionals. The NWS publishes four academic peer reviewed journals that are sponsored by professional bodies. The NWS also provides a virtual events platform and website for the International Society for Coaching Psychology, the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Coaching at Work Ltd.