Sheila Panchal

Paper/mini-skills: INSIGHT Coaching: Transition Resilience and wellbeing in the context of COVID-19

Sheila Panchal with Dr Siobhain O’Riordan and Prof Stephen Palmer

This session will explore the potential impact of COVID-19 on individual wellbeing. It will outline a model of transition resilience – INSIGHT – which is a tool that coaches can use when supporting people through transitions. The theoretical basis for the INSIGHT model will be shared, as well as a more pragmatic perspective which applies the model in the context of COVID related transitions. Application as an approach for psychoeducation will also be reviewed. 

Sheila Panchal CPsychol MSc MISCP is a business psychologist working across a range of sectors. She is co-author of ‘Turning 30: How to get the life you really want’ (with Jackson, 2005) and co-editor of ‘Developmental Coaching: Life transitions and generational perspectives’ (with Palmer, 2011). She is a Co-Director of the Centre for Positive Transitions.