Magdalena Bak-Maier

Preventing burnout and building resilience for adaptive leadership

Learning to listen to the system we’re in and how to hear ourselves and others speak.
Current uncertainty is making way for adaptive leaders who can (1) break with the past and try something new (2) engage people at a time when many are tired, cynical and may be dealing with burnout, (3) open their mind and heart to different perspectives they may not like. This style of leadership requires courage and power to engage and co-create with others in uncertainty and without predetermined solution. One place where one would expect high levels of adaptive leadership would be research. The unknown edge awaits the next expert that is not yet there. That said, even here adaptive leadership is not the norm for three simple reasons: (a) attachment to the past, (b) lack of deep listening skills, (c) willingness to risk being uncomfortable. This workshop invites you to explore three areas so that you can expand your capacity for adaptive leadership in your coaching practice and to help clients do the same. We will use practical activities from the field of systemic work, somatic work and mindful empathic listening to practice these skills as a group and in pairs. You will leave with insight and a practice toolkit that will help you and clients adapt to changes you/they may be leading at work and at home.

I’m driven by a deep curiosity of how the integration of mind, heart, body and spirit facilitates empowerment with the aim to advance human effectiveness, teamwork, healing and recovery.
My approach combines neuroscience, extensive training in coaching, therapy and conflict facilitation, original productivity tools and frameworks with a commitment to systemic improvement. In addition to a successful 1:1 practice my work contributes to talent development at leading research institutions in the EU and the USA. I’ve written two books: ‘Get Productive!’ translated into Chinese and Arabic, and ‘Get Productive Grid’ and my newest book on mind-body connection is soon available in paperback. More at